Wood Apple

(Feronia limonia)


Benefits of eating Wood Apple


  1. Wood Apple ensures regular smooth bowel habits.

  2. Regualar intake of wood apple by women drastically reduces breast cancer.

  3. Wood Apple cures the infertility problems in women as it is proved to increase the progesterone hormone levels.

  4. Approximately 90 grams of the sap of the fresh bark, 2 corns of pepper, a few drops of pure cow`s ghee and a dessertspoon of honey, forestalls any post-partum snags. It is had twice everyday, just after childbirth.

  5. It helps in the treatment of Urticaria. ( Urticaria is a skin disease)

  6. The fully ripen flesh of wood apple cures stomach upset in children.



The Wood Apple is a fruit bearing tree native to the Indian sub-continent – Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. The Wood Apple is a hard round fruit with a sweet/sour fragrant pulp.

Nutritional Value of Wood Apple
A hundred gm of fruit pulp contains 31 gm of carbohydrate and two gm of protein, which adds up to nearly 140 calories. The ripe fruit is rich in beta-carotene, a precursor of Vitamin A; it also contains significant quantities of the B vitamins thiamine and riboflavin, and small amounts of Vitamin C. Wood apple is rich in oxalic, malic, citric acid and a concentrated tannic acid. The leaves produce a volatile oil.

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