Red Onion

(Allium ascalonicum)


Benefits of eating Red Onion


  1. Remedy for common cold, cough, fever and sore throat –Juice of fresh onion with jaggery or onion juice with Honey will help you to cure sore throat and other conditions. For allergies also you can try the Onion Juice mix with Honey or Jaggery.
  2. Fever - cut a large white onion and just apply it on the forehead it will help you and save you from side effects until you visit the doctor.
  3. Bleeding from Nose – If someone is bleeding cut the onion and let the person breathe the smell of fresh cut onion. This will help to stop the blood or reduce it.
  4. Cut two onions fry them using castor oil or sesame oil with turmeric when Onions become soft , get the clean cloth pour the soft hot onions into cloth , tie the cloth and start to apply or press or tie this cloth to the aching part of the body.
  5. Remove dark pigments and patches – Apply the Onion Juice mix with turmeric on face this will help you to remove dark pigments and patches.



It is usually overlooked in preference for the larger, more flavoursome white variety. But the humble red onion could help prevent heart disease, researchers claim. They have discovered that the vegetable - commonly used in Mediterranean and Indian cuisine - helps remove bad cholesterol from the body, which can cause heart attacks and strokes.

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