About us


Our Vision

“To progressively brought into the global market our Food-Heritage in an Eco- Friendly manner.”


Our Mission

Accomplish the infinite food based expectations proudly for Sri Lankan foods in our customers scattered in globally, preserving our traditional food habits and ethical values with environmentally sound innovations and expertise workforce.

Our Strengths

  • We have our own import company & a super market in Canada & so, can export all of our ‘Aloy’ ...products without bargaining.
  • We export to Switzerland also with our ‘Aloy’ brand name. So, we can market our products in Swiss ...although the consignee breaks the agreement.
  • ‘Aloy’ brand name is a reputed brand name in Canada ethnic market.
  • As we have a product range, instead of single food product can adopt to seasonal demand ...fluctuations.

We are expertise food manufacturing technologies with appropriate knowledge.




Our Goals
-To introduce environmental friendly packages to the market with ‘Aloy’ products.

- To promote researches to preserve our cultural food items as introduce to the world market.

- To produce our all products according to the International quality standards.