(Nephelium lappaceum)


Benefits of eating Rambutan


  1. Reduces body fat:
    Take a few rambutan seeds and they can be eaten raw, mashed or mixed with some other food. They are very effective in reducing the body fat.
  2. Skin care:
    Rambutan seeds eaten raw, mashed or mixed with some other food are even effective in making the skin healthier and softer. The skin tone of the face also becomes soft.
  3. Hair care:
    Take a few rambutan leaves and wash them properly. Add little water and make a paste of the leaves using a blender. Filter the leaves’ extract using a clean cloth. Apply the water extract to the damp scalp and repeat this everyday. You can notice a good hair growth.
  4. Treats Dysentery:
    Peel the skin of rambutan and cut the skin into small pieces. Add three glasses of water and boil them until the water remains half. Allow the water to become cool, strain and then consume the liquid two times a day.
  5. Treats Diabetes:
    Take about 5 seeds and then fry them. Mash the dry fried seeds and add the powder to a cup of cold water. Consume it once or twice a day.
  6. Cures Fever:
    Take 15 grams of dried rambutan skin. Add this to 3 glasses of water and then boil for 15 minutes. Allow the liquid to turn cool, strain it and then consume thrice a day.



Rambutan fruit, scientifically named as Nephelium Lappaceum is a tropical fruit. The native of this fruit is Southeast Asia and it is also found in places including Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Africa, Ecuador, Australia, Central America and the Caribean Islands. Rambutan fruit has rich amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, iron, phosphorus, viatmin C and calcium. The stem contains saponin, tannin, iron, pectin substances and flavonoids. The seeds of the fruit contain polifenol and fat. These all nutrients and minerals give this fruit medicinal and therapeutic properties. The following article discusses about the

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